If Tom Brady Smoked Marlboro Reds and Rode Bulls, It Would Be JB Maunuey

The Legend himself. This video is tipping the line of “must watch.” Fan of the sport or not, you wont regret watching this showcase on the legend JB Mauney himself.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kQl6BnDRQg?t=395s]

It seems like each weekend has a new storyline worthy of a movie script. We have Chase Outlaw winning at Cheyenne only a year after head-butting his bull and breaking everyone bone in his face. Jess Lockwood proving that no bull can throw him winning two events in a row during the month of August which earned him the top rank in the world sitting pretty 65% ride success. Most recently, we had Brazilian powerhouse Jose Victor Leme winning at Springfield, Missouri reclaiming that number one spot with his infamous helmet punt celebration.

However, JB Manuey stole the headlines and the attention of bull riding fans by jumping up to 26th in the rankings which puts him in a position for his 14th straight PBR Finals after placing 6th place this weekend at JQH arena. 

This legend refuses to leave. 

Tom Brady and JB Mauney are both household names in their respective sports and certain “first-ballot” hall-of-famers, but I know who I would pick to be on my side during a bar fight.

JB Mauney has battled injuries that would (and should have) taken him out to the pastures for retirement. But Mauney has the heart I want to hopefully instill in my children. He’s got the heart of a lion

Despite falling from the top, JB Mauney wasted no time being the first to criticize himself, saying in an interview with PBR’s Justin Felisko,

“Man, I haven’t rode this bad since… Ever.” He continued,

“I mean, it’s hard when you ride bulls for a living, especially the older you get, the more beat-up your body is. You question yourself. I don’t really listen to them critics, it’s myself. I get to kind of thinking, ‘Well, maybe I am too beat-up. I can’t do the things I used to do. And all that does is pin you against yourself. You’re fighting your own self. And I said it for a long time, as long as I keep what’s above my shoulders out of my own way, I ride pretty good.”

“You get to messing with your own mind,” Mauney said. “You read enough stuff and people talking, and you start thinking about it, and you don’t ride real good and you start thinking, ‘Well, maybe they’re right. Maybe I need to hang it up… I’m not finished yet,” he said with a smile.

View the whole article here: https://pbr.com/article/392516/lvcva-road-vegas-mauney-determined-hang-big-dogs-world-finals

The 34-year old isn’t going to roll over just yet. He succeeded banged up to all hell this weekend and has set himself up for success as we inch closer to the 2019 season final in Vegas this November. He is a force to be reckoned with and he’s here to stay.

Here is how he did this weekend:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbsuqbfhDn4]

Pay attention and jump in so you don’t miss you chance to witness greatness with your own eyes this weekend in Fairfax, Virginia. The legend is not done yet.

P.S If there is someone I could ever have a beer with, it would be JB Mauney. Watch this video:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOHv5n-fCyw]

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