If The XFL Wants To Boost Ratings Even More They Need To Put Julia Rose On The Sidelines | @JuliaRose_33

Written by TrevStone

The new XFL League is nearly halfway through the season already! The season is only ten weeks and obviously the goal is to expand that in the years to come.

The ratings have been pretty good, teams are starting to build a fan base, the crowd is energetic, the play of the game is smooth, players are drinking beers in the locker room after, it’s just an all around awesome atmosphere.

I’ve watched at least one game every weekend since the launch. I’ve actually enjoyed it.

Although if the XFL really wants to get more people entertained, they need to bring in Julia Rose. Yup, the World Series flasher and the owner of ShagMag.

The XFL is suppose to be about fun! I don’t think teams have cheerleaders, yet. Do they? If so, I haven’t seen any.

Either way, they need to bring her in. Even if it’s just having her on the sidelines for the Championship game. Put the camera on her for a few seconds, and the XFL will be trending on Twitter in NO time. She’s already talked about how shes a big football fan, mainly supporting the Rams.

Do it Vince McMahon, do it!

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