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If the Chargers Don’t Pay Melvin Gordon They Should be Forced to Play in Oakland

Written by Tanner Johnson

Disclaimer: I’m a Wisconsin Badgers die-hard fan and Melvin Gordon is one of my favorite players to ever lace them up.

Additional Disclaimer: The Chargers are my favorite non-Green Bay Packers football team.

Apparently, the Chargers are blind and have not seen what Melvin Gordon has done since arriving in San Diego 4 years ago and have not committed to paying that man whatever the hell he wants.

Do you remember who the running back was for the Bolts before Gordon? Do you really? Because it wasn’t LaDainian Tomlinson!

There was a painful, gruesome 5 seasons between LT and Gordon. The leading rushers were Brandon Oliver, Ryan Matthews and back-up nose tackle Mike Tolbert!

You might be asking yourself, “Who the hell are those guys?” and that’s the right response. They’re a bunch of mediocre, running back-by-committee guys that the Chargers used as feature backs during a stretch where they made the playoffs once and never exceeded 10 wins.

Melvin Gordon is arguably a Top-5 running back and has potential to compete for an MVP. The Chargers have the chance to secure their future; which will not have Philip Rivers that much longer, and they’re dragging their feet.

If they let Gordon walk, the NFL should make them play the next 5 seasons in that shithole Oakland! Because that’s where dumpsters go to get lit on fire, Oakland.

Do the right thing Chargers- pay your franchise running back what he’s worth!

Enjoy the greatest rushing performance of all time:

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