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If Taylor Stevens Gave Pre-Game Pep Talks To The New England Patriots, They Would Go 17-0! @taystevens

Written by Chris Powers

If you are not familiar with who Taylor Stevens is, you have simply been living under a rock. You can obviously Google a bit more about her if need be, but there is one thing for certainty that I can tell you right now.

Taylor Stevens it he most gorgeous New England Patriots fans to ever walk the face of this planet. Don’t believe me? Scroll down below and you will see what you are missing out on.

Maybe I am wrong, but I can only imagine that pre-game pep talk. Or maybe even a motivational halftime talk to reinvigorate the Patriots spirit. Heck, maybe they could have beaten the Dolphins yesterday had Taylor been present. All I know, is if I was playing in the NFL and I had this starlet in my corner giving me support, you better believe I am going to give it my all on the field.

The last year for New England was not an easy one. I would like to think with the drafting of Mac Jones, the Patriots will improve considerably over the next couple of years. But I would also highly recommend taking my advice here. Bring Taylor Stevens to the next game. Let her walk around the locker room prior to the game and amp the players up. I guarantee they will finish the game with a win.

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