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If St. Louis Cardinals players actually went to a casino, they should get the ‘Pete Rose Ban’

Written by Nik D

How’s that for a headline?

With alleged reports (that the St. Louis Cardinals have already denied) that Cardinals players went to a casino, thus creating their recent clubhouse COVID-19 outbreak, Major League Baseball should throw the book at them.

Do I actually think the players should be banned for life? I don’t know. Sure, why not? But I also don’t think Pete Rose or any of the steroid users should be erased from history, so what do I know.

I really hope that these allegations that players have been going to clubs and casinos during a pandemic when all they need to do to get paid is show up and not get sick is false. If it is true, how stupid can you be? As I said earlier, all you need to do to get paid is show up and not get everyone sick. How can you jeopardize your, your teammates, your opponents, and your support staff’s health by making such an idiotic, selfish decision.

Wasn’t a large part of the labor negotiations that the owners flubbed due to the player’s concern with being safe?

Where is that concern now?

Hopefully this isn’t true, but if it is, I think the Cardinals and the Marlins should sit the rest of this season out.

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