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If Kendra Lust Gave The Detroit Lions Pre-Game Pep Talks, They Would Go Undefeated! @kendralust

Written by Chris Powers

There is no hotter Detroit Lions fans in the world than Kendra Lust. I am sorry, that just cannot be argued. If you have ever paid attention to her social media accounts during football season, you will known that Kendra is an avid Detroit Lions fan. I mean, couldn’t you tell by the cover image on the article? You don’t see female Lions fans doing that every week. Was the cover image not enough? Check out a couple more of her pictures below donning Detroit Lions gear.

Could you imagine if the Lions front office decided to bring in Kendra either for a pre-game or even halftime pep talk? Of course, she would have to be dressed like the pictures above. If that would not motivate a team to win, I simply don’t know what would. Knowing you have the support from someone like Kendra Lust would be enough to light a fire under my ass. Here are a few more pictures below of Kendra showing her support for her favorite NFL team.

If I’m running the front office in Detroit, I’m calling Kendra’s management team ASAP to get her to Ford Field next week before the Lions take on the Packers next Monday night. While Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay did not exactly light the world on fire this past weekend while playing New Orleans, you know they are going to be out for blood when playing their division rival in the Lions. Maybe having Kendra motivate the team prior to taking the field would help motivate this Lions team to steamroll the Packers just like the Saints did!

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