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Ice Ribbon Results 7/19/20: New WUW Women’s Champion

Written by Shannon Walsh

Ice Ribbon “Ice Ribbon 1053 In Skip City” from Saitama, Japan 🇯🇵 at SKIP City Multipurpose Hall on 7/19/20:

Tsukushi, Ram Kaicho, and Banny Oikawa beat Rina Shingaki, Uno Matsuya, and Tae Honma when Oikawa used a European Clutch to pin Matsuya in 11:21.

Kurumi Hiiragi and Mochi Miyagi beat Tsukasa Fujimoto and Yappy when Hiiragi pinned Yappy after a diving body press in 11:37. That set up Fujimoto and Tsukushi to defend the International Ribbon Tag Team Titles against Hiiragi and Miyagi on 8/9/20.

Risa Sera and Akane Fujita went to a 15-minute time limit draw with Rina Yamashita and Syuri. It will be Sera vs. Yamashita on the 7/25/20 show.

Cherry won the WUW Women’s Title from Thekla by submission in 15:15. Banny Oikawa will get the first title shot at Cherry on 7/25/20.

Maya Yukihi, Hamuko Hoshi, and Ibuki Hoshi beat Totoro Satsuki, Maika Ozaki, and Suzu Suzuki when Hamuko pinned Suzuki after the Ham Roll in 15:48. The teams were made up at random by a lottery draw at the start of the show.

For the 7/25/20 event at Korakuen Hall, it will be Hamuko Hoshi vs. Ibuki Hoshi vs. Suzu Suzuki vs. Maika Ozaki vs. Totoro Satsuki to determine a #1 con. to ICEx Infinity Champion Maya Yukihi for the 8/9/20 show.

Thanks to Tomi Yamada for sending in the results. This event should be posted on Nico Video in the coming days.

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