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Ian Book Is About To Play SPOILER Against The Miami Dolphins On Monday!

Written by Kellen Sherman

Ian Book is the Quarterback of the future!

So as most of us know; both Miami AND New Orleans are “on the outside, looking in” when it comes to a playoff berth. BOTH Miami AND New Orleans are in NEED of a win this week, so that they don’t get knocked EVEN FURTHER out of contention. With SO MUCH on the line, this game is shaping up to be FAR MORE IMPORTANT than it normally would.

But the problem for Miami is…….in walks Ian Book! Under the “bright lights” and on “prime time television,” Ian Book is going to make his FIRST START for the New Orleans Saints! With Trevor Siemian and Taysom Hill both being out of action this week, the rookie from Notre Dame is about to step into the SPOTLIGHT, and show the WORLD that he is here to “fuck shit up” at the next level.

Book, who threw for 8948 yards/72 TDs/20 INTs in his career at Notre Dame, was drafted in the 4th round (Pick 133) of the 2021 Draft. Not only that; Ian Book is also the all-time WINNINGEST QUARTERBACK in school history, with a combined 30 wins across four years! AND NOW, he gets to bring that AMAZING PEDIGREE to the New Orleans Saints, in a time where they NEED a shining light to take them to the promised land.

Ladies and Gentlemen…….Ian Book is going to do ONE THING on Monday, and that’s strap this team to his back, and take them to a MONUMENTAL W! He’s been “waiting in the wings” for FAR TO LONG, and it’s ABOUT TIME for him to show the WORLD how to “play like a champion!”

Simply put; Ian Book OVER 1,000,000 yards passing! #BOOKIT!

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