I Would Rather Be A Heroin Addict Than A Mets Fan

Written by schultzyca

Death, Taxes, and the New York Mets being the most dysfunctional and fucked up franchise in the sports world. Mets fans thought when that criminal Steve Cohen took over the Mets that things would be ‘different’ boy were those cocksuckers wrong. BIG TIME.

Heres the thing if Javy Baez just kept quite about the whole celebration no one would no what it means. This is just an absolute shit show now for the Mets organization now that you have that statement come out by your teams president.

The Mets are just a fucked up organization and never meant to be good I guess, I couldn’t imagine how bad it is to be a Mets fan in general and this is coming from someone who is a New York Jets fan and it have never nearly been this bad. I really feel for Mets fans.

The worst part about all of this is the Mets were actually suppose to be good this year and now they find themselves in third place with not a very good lucky hood of even getting a Wild-Card game.

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