I was exposed by Freezing Cold Takes and I’m Dying Laughing.. I’m sorry my source was wrong… Stafford is NO longer a Detroit Lion

Written by TrevStone

I’ll be the first to admit when I’m wrong and here I am.

Earlier today, a person who I’ve considered a very reliable source since 2012 who has worked for multiple NFL franchises, told me that Matthew Stafford and new Lions HC Dan Campbell talked and Stafford would remain in Detroit for 2021. That source was completely wrong.

Just hours after I posted this the news broke that Detroit wouldn’t be keeping Stafford after all and of course, Freezing Cold Takes on Twitter, exposed me.

I can’t stop laughing about it – because I messed up. I’ll admit it. I feel stupid. But as soon as I posted about “per source” people started freaking out and saying that I’m lying. Listen up. I’ve been building ProSportsExtra since 2011 and have build connections with very solid individuals. I’d never post something that I didn’t believe was reputable.

Why wouldn’t I want to build something where people can get news that it’s trusted?

Again, I’m sorry. I’m moving forward. New podcast episodes coming soon. Including Saints TE Josh Hill and Colts snapper Luke Rhoades. Coming soon to The TrevStone Show!

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