I was disgustingly fat; a love story by @trevstoneceo

I don’t know how else to say this, but I was looking through pictures this morning of me from a couple of years ago. Holy shit, I was disgustingly fat.

I’m not saying your average fat, I’m saying disgustingly fat. I went from being a high school athlete who had offered to play Division III basketball, and was in the best shape of my life. Although I was a little skinny, I was in really good shape, especially compared to what I ended up like.

Before I share all the images, I need you to understand. Viewer discretion is advised. I’m honest, I was fat. Keyword was.

Around 2017 after graduating (16’) I let my body go. I was sick of always exercising and started pounding drinks and holy shit. I got fat. 2019 I started taking care of my body a little bit more, it wasn’t easy to do.

Check out these before and after pictures.

I wanna puke just looking at me.

A love story from me now to myself,

Hey fatty,

Stop eating all the Laffy Taffy and drinking all this caffeine

You looking real weird, because you’re drinking way too much beer, Hell anxiety is becoming a fear, you’re starting to weigh a ton you better go for a run.

A love story.

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