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I Started Playing GTA V Online Again and It’s Unhinged

Grand Theft Auto, a beloved game franchise that most of us grew up on and grew to love. Although I truly never got into it growing up (with the exception of playing Liberty City on a friend’s PSP) until I got to V, my favorite will forever be IV because A) Niko and B) the theme.

I started playing GTA V when it came over to the XBOX One and PS4 consoles. All my friends transferred their social club from the PS3 to their XB1 so it was the perfect time to jump in. Admittedly as soon as I got past the intro missions I jumped ship from Story Mode and didn’t touch it since. I got to about level 19 and hours of fun with friends before life kicked up again and we all sort of left our controllers to catch dust. Until two weeks ago,

Fast Forward about a year and I’m hanging out with some friends from uni on Discord, when I see some of them are playing GTA V. Getting the itch once more and seeing it on sale on Steam, I bite the bullet and go straight to online. It’s glorious! Utter mayhem, Insanity, and Anarchy is the undertone of each play sessions with the boys. Here’s a vid of one of my more recent sessions. This is your boy Jacob, signing off!

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