I Smoked A Moon Rock Now I’m….

Written by TrevStone

Oh man! I love smoking weed. But I haven’t smoked on a ‘Moon Rock‘ in a couple of years and man, I’m baked right now. I’m sitting here in the PSE office drooling into my computer thinking of what the hell I’m about to blog about. I figured shit, let’s just talk about my Moon Rock experience as it’s happening.

3:45PM: Start Smoking
3:50PM: Finished a small bowl with tiny bit of moon rocks
3:51PM: Packed another bowl
3:56PM: Ended up back in the office with a huge smile on my face
3:58PM: Where we are are currently

I haven’t been this stoned in awhile. I’m honestly enjoying it. I’m starting to feel a little tired off of it. But I’ll live. I need to start laughing though, because I feel like I’m holding in laughs seeing no one is here.

4PM: Laughing to The Pat McAfee Show

I’ll update this in a little bit to let you know how I’m feeling.

4:44: That was a solid half hour of being stoned. I’m still a little high. I wish I could smoke inside the office. Sure would make life a lot easier.

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