This blog is going to be more of me venting than anything to be honest. Bare with me here.  

Due to business slowing down because of the COVID, I got out of work early this morning. I had a couple of blog ideas I was thinking about writing about once I got home since I would have a lot of free time before I went to bed.  

Those couple ideas fell through, and I’ve been staring at my screen for literally 45 minutes, praying that I could just think of something. Then I saw a post from the Cleveland Browns page on twitter.  

The post was nothing important but it just got me thinking about who they would take at pick number 10.  

Would they draft their franchise left tackle? Maybe one of the many talented receivers available? Or maybe even trade up and take Isaiah Simmons and make their linebacker room a young but incredibly dominant one? 

And then I finally realized what I wanted to write about. I NEED DRAFT DAY TO GET HERE RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!! 

I have been in such bad shape without sports, it’s incredible I’m still a normal functioning human being right now. I’ve loved all of the four major sports my whole life, and I’m just a mess.  

You ever see a movie where someone is dying because they don’t have any water? Then they finally get it and they push through till the end of the movie and everything ends up being good for them? 

The title of this blog was not lying, because that’s how I really feel. I’m at the point in the movie where I’m in dire need of water, and the NFL Draft is my water, and thank Christ it’s almost here.  

I do not care if this is going to be a virtual draft. I do not care if there is going to be a lot of weird and awkward moments when technology starts fucking up.  

I need this draft. We all need this draft. Something to take our mind off of what’s happening right now, even if its only for a couple of hours each day. I think I am speaking for almost every sports fan when I say, we all are looking forward to and need this.