I Lost My Car Key In My House And I Can’t Find Them – Real Story

Written by TrevStone

We’ve all been there. A quick moment of panic when you can’t find something. That’s what I’ve been going through over the last two hours. I went to go into my vehicle, thinking that there would be a chance that my key was in it and I’d be good to drive off. I lied. My key wasn’t in my car. Now where could it possible be?

The only place I’ve been since I last drove my car was inside my house. I have been upstairs and on the main floor. I haven’t been downstairs. So it’s easy to eliminate the downstairs.

Now I have the small upstairs, which is pretty clean for the most part, besides my squirt bottles, my upstairs is where my studio is for my podcast. The main floor is like everyone’s. Bathroom, one bedroom, kitchen, living room. But somewhat small kitchen and living room as I live in a log cabin.

So with the downstairs eliminated, I thought that this would be pretty easy. I started starting. Moving everything. Cleaning things up. Making it seem like that would help me find my key. But it didn’t.

Now here I am. It’s been nearly two hours. I still haven’t found a key. And instead of driving to town – I’m typing this up. Will I find my key?


I might need to get the spare that I have someone hanging onto for me. AKA my mother. She doesn’t lose things. If I didn’t have my head on my shoulders at all times, I’d forget it.

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