I Just Witnessed An Assault

Written by schultzyca

In the great words of Adam Schefter ‘ASSAULT’. Football does not have many unwritten rules but you would think one of them would be not to hit or tackle a kicker or a punter. Well some schmuck at USC did just that pretty much killing Oregons punter, like I am not exaggerating he folded him in half.

Like is this kids football IQ zero? Must be suffering from CTE or something because everyone knows you can’t do this. No wonder why he is on special teams, emphasis on the special. I mean give me a break you just can’t do this. Praying for the punter and his family this is certainly a direct shot for the brand and we need to prosecute the USC player at the highest level, lock him up and throw away the key. I am beside myself right now what kind of a world are we leaving in where punters are not safe? Have we downgraded that much as a society we are now attacking defenseless players? What is going on?

Not to mention all the gamblers are now pissed. Not cool dude. Last week we had that moron player from Florida chuck that shoe forty yards and costing the Gators the game now we have this idiot for USC literally committing attempted murder. Football players continue to get dumber and dumber.

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