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Written by TrevStone

Imagine this.. You join a company as an independent contractor and the next day the boss is trying to invite you for a fun week in Vegas. That’s what happened for Matt Harris and his buddy Mr.Lee who joined PSE a month ago. Sadly today he was let go. I guess it wasn’t sad – the only thing that is sad is how he’s acting.

I have had hundreds of people over the years join PSE and quit because they didn’t see ‘success’ well this guy didn’t even get the chance to succeed because he started crying. So I had to let him go. We have a cut day every few months where people who aren’t grinding get let go. Matt Harris joined PSE not even a month ago and in an entire month of work he had a total of eight blogs and 1,400 views. Well that isn’t good.

Last month as an entire team we had over 5,000,000 views. Our biggest month ever and this guy, Matt Harris is now claiming that he’s going to start his own company and be our competition. Hahah! You know how many times that I hear this? At least twice a year. “You’re letting us go? We will start our own thing” Yeah, yeah, yeah, because that big 1,400 views in an entire month is competition.

Let me give you a backstory. Matt Harris came onto an episode of The TrevStone Show which was never posted due to the fact of his crappy internet service and the fact it would have taken way too much editing to make the episode go live. Which sucks because this would only help my case more. About an hour before I had my scheduled pod I asked Matt if he’d come on and pitch his baseball podcast idea. Well he joined to pitch his podcast idea and the internet was soo bad that we had to keep muting him, tried to get it to work, just never did. All I remember is him saying “people think baseball is a dying sport when it really isn’t” and that was his best pitch. My co-host Cam and I started kind of laughing and being like “that’s your pitch?” Well that’s a ball and not a strike because you need a little bit better pitch than that. So we booted him from the podcast because of the Internet. Let me remind you at the time of the podcast he had a total of 8 blogs posted. 8. That’s it. I was willing to listen to what he had to say, but he showed up with terrible internet service. Originally I told him I wouldn’t entertain him doing a podcast without hitting 10,000 blog views in a day. But that changed, I wanted to give him an opportunity. But apparently I was too mean to him.

After that episode Matt went MIA. He stopped doing anything. I invited him to Vegas, invite him on my podcast, and then he stops making content for us because why? Because of the fact that I kicked him from MY podcast and I didn’t reach out after? I mean c’mon. This is the real world. I feel like he was living in his own bubble. If you want someone to reach out to you, maybe do something? Maybe take action. Maybe not sit on the sidelines with your thumb in your butt. Do something. Again, 8…. 8 blogs.

8 times he clicked ‘publish’ I use to do that every hour.

Oh yeah, then he went on to say how he hasn’t been paid at all and that’s another reason. DUDE!!!! You did 8 fucking blogs. 8!!!! Everyone is paid about the same rates and once a month. When you start it can be upwards up NET90. Which means you’re paid out 90 days after the first month. He agreed to that. What do you expect us to put the damn red carpet down for you? Wasn’t being invited to Vegas enough during your first month? Hell. If I was invited to Vegas as soon as I started in a company I’d think, hell, I’d love to stay there.

Let me just take you through the roller coaster of messages.

This is a guy who wanted to blog here thinks he can make it at a company like Barstool, but let’s be real. Someone like Dave Portnoy would eat this guy up and spit him into the trash.

(I did say pay was at the end of the month but also said people are paid at net90.) **SCREENSHOT BELOW FROM CONVO FROM A MONTH AGO**

So that’s covered. Let’s continue the conversation that we had today:

I like how he took a shot about Vegas. But let’s be honest… We have only posted 1 of the many content pieces that’ll be coming out for our Vegas content. So watch for that coming very soon! And listen, if you don’t want to do clickbait type of blogs that okay. But do some sort of blog. The guy is a football coach? Haha. I’d flick the fucker in the forehead if I had to listen to him and his damn four eyes. Look at the titles he had came up with:

Oh yeah, he wasn’t the only person let go. This guy.. Mr.Lee? Who joined with him? He had a total of 1 blogs posted. 1 blog.

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