Ticket prices are rising for the Packers vs Chiefs games as fans are hoping to catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift. We don’t even know if she’ll be at the game for sure but I’m honestly hoping she just doesn’t go. I hope all these cheesehead Packer fans are paying all of this extra money for no reason other than to watch the Chiefs stomp on them.

According to GBG: The average get-in price for the Chiefs game, determined by averaging the lowest prices at 11 secondary marketplaces, is $165, a dollar more expensive than last week. After that, the game in New York on Dec. 11 is $39, followed by Tampa Bay at Lambeau for $87, and Green Bay at Carolina for $49.

I go to Lambeau once a year – to watch the Detroit Lions play. I normally sit front row as it’s the one game a year that I go too. I normally don’t catch any others because Detroit is about eight hours from me and Green Bay is only four. So being a Detroit Lions fan, I’ve decided that’s the game I’m going to. I love it. But it surely sucks when the weather starts changing.

Speaking of weather, do you think Taylor Swift is going to end up in Green Bay? I mean… yeah, she’ll be in a box…. if she’s there but at the same point, why would she? Yeah, to support her man, Travis Kelce, but at the same time something is telling me she isn’t going to be there.

I love Taylor. And I hope Kansas City wins by about sixty…. But that Taylor doesn’t show up.

Photo: Christopher Polk/Penske Media via Getty Images


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