I Got Into A Fight Over Halloween Candy?

Well that was wild! The ProSportsExtra office is located in downtown L’Anse and today there was an event for kids to show off there Halloween costumes, walk downtown, visit businesses, and get candy – so our office had a bowl outside of it. I was sitting inside the office and when you’re outside you can’t see inside the office, but I can see outside of it. I watch this guy walk up and grab the biggest handfuls, twice. I’m thinking ‘man, this is for the kids. Not for only one person’… And when I’m saying big handfuls he was literally putting handful after handful into his jacket and bag.

So I called my mom, I was talking to her about it, how I thought it was crazy that this guy grabbed a bunch multiple times, and I’m not going to lie, candy isn’t cheap. But I was kind of joking with her about it. And said it would be very different if it was a kid and that if he comes back I’m going to say something. As I’m telling her, I look and he’s grabbing just about the rest of the candy that I just bought 15 minutes prior because we ran out of our other candy.

I say, “hey man, can you put some back? It’s for the kids.” And then it broke out. A classic, right to your face, shouting match for about 10 minutes. Two grown men yelling at each other about Halloween candy. I wasn’t going to say it but I’d guess this guy was on some sort of drugs because I tell you what, he was a unique creature.

Somehow throughout it he was the one yelling that if I touch him that he was pressing charges because I had to put my hands up to protect myself when he was an inch from my face. Trying to back me down the entire time, in the road screaming at me, calling me everything that you could think of…. why? Because I caught him grabbing too much candy and politely asked you to return it. I mean. Let’s be adults here. Grab a handful and move on. I simply ask for you to put some back and it turns into a fight? We literally were in the road, sidewalk, screaming at each other – nonstop.

Then he walked away and was still yelling stuff about a block or two away from me.

My mom was down on that end watching to make sure that if he walked back after me that I’d know ahead of time. He starts screaming at her, yelling at her, acting like he’s going to go after her. So I turn the corner to run down by my mom after it’s been going on down there for about 5 minutes. This guy had that look in his eye that he’d kill you over Halloween candy. And that’s when he turns and acted as if he was going to run after me and had a gun and said “I’ve got something for you” and that’s when I ran back inside. And by that time I was calling the cops and thankfully that cops already arrived quickly at that time because someone else told them. Cops made sure that he won’t be back.

I mean come on. What a nutcase. Try to participate in something nice and turns into a fight over Halloween candy. I’d love for a video of this to surface. I can’t believe I don’t have cameras outside the office – this would be the most viral story of the week.

I tell the story below just watch the first 10 minutes.

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