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I Got a Battletoads Tattoo Today and Had a Damn Good Reason Why

Written by Robert Workman

So, for those of you that know me, I’m a classic gamer at heart. I co-host the ARGPodcast alongside my buddy David Giltinan over at the Retrozap Network; I have a sizable amount of classic games that have put me in a reasonable amount of debt; and I have a reasonable amount of gaming goodies that makes me wonder if I ever grew up. Oh, and then there’s my Battletoads shrine.

I love Battletoads. A lot of people swear it off left and right, but I enjoy the hell out of it. Loved the NES game to death. And the Genesis spin-off. And the SNES Battlemaniacs sequel. And the Battletoads/Double Dragon: Ultimate Team follow-up. And the arcade game. And all that. And, yes, I’m looking forward to the Xbox One version something fierce, though I still haven’t had an opportunity to play it yet. Argh. It keeps escaping me.

So I decided to push my love even further. Even with my current job situation being as strained as it is, I paid a visit to my friends at Mammoth American Tattoo a few weeks ago and set an appointment with an artist named DJ Chilcote Jr. We spoke about the possibility of a Battletoads tattoo and he was excited about the idea, having done some “geek” tattoos for my buddy Rick in the past. And so we scheduled the tattoo for today. I loaded up on a lunch, talked with my friend Melissa about it (for the “last time”, HA!) and made my way to the shop.

So after going over what we wanted, I sat in the chair for about like 90 minutes or so while DJ went back and forth with the needles. I admit, it wasn’t the best feeling, it really wasn’t. It didn’t excruciatingly hurt, but it did dig a little deeper than expected. But then came the end result, and, as you can see in the pic, it’s truly a work of art, with some excellent shading and some fine detailing that truly brings out the best in the logo. Fine work that was well worth the money and the tip on top. I can’t recommend DJ and the shop enough for their effort.

And it’s been getting a lot of attention online as well. Hopefully the folks at Microsoft, or at the very least Rare and Dlala Studios (the team behind the current Battletoads project) see it. I just want them to see my devotion to the franchise. I mean, maybe if I got it on my face or something. Heh.

Anyway, that’s kind of my story. I’ve loved this series for a good portion of my life and now I guess I’m an official Battletoad, for the most part. Just don’t call me Pimple, yeah?

Battletoads releases sometime later this year for Xbox One X and Windows 10. You can get it if you have the Xbox Game Pass as well.

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