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I Expect Better Than This From Isaiah Thomas

My friend Will wrote about this confrontation between IT and a Philly scum fan earlier, which you can read here. Let’s start with the obvious, Philly fans are trash. They’re the least respectful species on this planet and we should probably put them in a dome like it’s the Simpsons Movie.

That being said, Isaiah Thoams has to be kidding with this type of reaction. A total “look at me” move. I understand his gripe and I agree this fan is an idiot. Personally I think all is fair in love and war and I think if you’re going to chirp a player it should be funny and original. But, two middle fingers and a few “go fuck yourself” cries in a stadium with 19,499 other screaming idiots and that’s what got you to jump into the stands and confront this kid? I’ve honestly seen worse at the local gas station on a Tuesday morning when the $0.99 coffee isn’t ready yet.

Not to mention, the Wells Fargo Center has banned these two fans for a year and have revoked the season ticket owner’s seats. We’re holding the season ticket owner responsible now? This kid stuck up his fingers and said a potty word for God’s sake.

As for Isaiah, idk man, have some thicker skin than that. I’ll love you forever for what you did to bring my Celtics back to relevance but good Lord, IT. You’re a professional athlete getting paid millions to play a kid’s game. You’re not exactly getting yelled at while giving a sermon at Sunday service.

PS: Story Time. In 2014 I got a free ticket to an Eagles/Giants game at Lincoln Financial so I put on my best Patriots sweatshirt and planned to have a fun night as a neutral fan. I got the usual heckling from the rabbid fanbase on the way to my seat with 3 of my family members decked out in Giants blue. Philly stomped the Giants 27-0 on Sunday Night Football. On our way out of the stadium we were heckled some more and had some nice banter going until a stand up member of the Iggles chose to jump us from behind in the parking lot. Real swell guy. I wonder what he’s up to.

Double PS: That Sixers fan has the most punchable face of all time.

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