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I doubt EA Sports will fix franchise mode in Madden 21. Maybe we should boycott Madden until they do.

Written by Nik D

Another year, another Madden game that will disappoint.

I already highlighted what I would like to see improved in Madden 21 (that won’t be improved) a few weeks ago. I didn’t even touch franchise mode because I thought that was an entirely separate issue.

EA recently announced the changes to Madden 21’s franchise mode and they are as disappointing as ever.

These are the most minor and worthless updates I’ve ever seen.

You’re changing the playoff format to match what the NFL is doing in real life? You’re bragging about it like you weren’t going to do it anyway?

What a crock of shit.

After EA Sports acquired the rights for NFL video games, starting with Madden 06, franchise mode has been on a steady decline every year. They are taking out feature after feature and replace it with their stupid story mode.

“Look, this year we put Snoop Dog in it!”

We don’t care! We want a better franchise mode!

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