I Don’t Mean To Be A Dick But…. My Message To The PSE Team

Written by TrevStone

I normally am a pretty easy going and nice guy. I’d say that I’ve always treated everyone who joins ProSportsExtra equal and treat everyone fair. But when it comes the other way around sometimes it’s not the same.

I don’t mean to be a dick buttttt… here we go.

I’ve been building Pro Sports Extra since 2011 and 2020 has been our biggest year on record and I don’t know whose going to be here in 2021. I’m sick of somethings that are going on here at PSE. I’m the one in charge. I’m the one whose got to make some moves.

I’m sitting here all day and night trying to grind and build this into something special and we have people here who literally don’t care. I get that this is my network and I should be infront on views and everything but why? Why do I need to be the leader everyday in views? Why can’t someone else step up?

These people join PSE and they think that they’re going to write one blog and be big. Or else there are people who blog but don’t care to share their blogs.

Blog about things that are relevant, tag the people you’re blogging about, maybe work with other bloggers. And that’s the tricks and tips that you need.

I hate to take shots, but there are people here who’ve been for two years and aren’t getting 15,000 views a year. I get that in a day. It’s ridiculous. It’s either your effort isn’t there, you’re blogging about the same thing every other site is, or you’re literally not blogging. It’s not hard to get views – and that’s what we get paid off of.

Those listed above are the only people safe at PSE going into 2021. Johnny is even a close call. I haven’t seen anything big from him in two months, only thing is, he wrote a blog about Barstool Hotties that does decent everyday. Anyone could have wrote that. How about do something like that again and get some views? Oh yeah, The Anomalies podcast crew – they’re safe. Although they need to start getting video episodes out faster.

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Trevor 'TrevStone' Uren founded Pro Sports Extra in 2011 at the age of 13. He's hosted a podcast since 14 years old and continues to grow each month! He's currently 24 years old and has interviewed hundreds of professional athletes, business owners, and others who are shining online! Uren has built Pro Sports Extra to over 5M monthly visitors.