Geno MothaFucking Smith, I absolutely hate to say it but Russell Wilson’s injury excited me. Now let me say I hate he actually got injured I’m a huge Russ fan, but seeing him leave the game and knowing the real one Geno Smith was coming into the game made me so fucking happy. I would’ve Russ leave the game to be like sat rather than hurt but it was Geno time and he thrived. First drive he had a 99 yard drive with 72 yards and went 5/5 with a touchdown. He came out on fucking fire and I honestly believe he would have won the game for the team on his second drive but Tyler Lockett…. Geno threw an interception and it wasn’t on him at all actually Tyler Lockett tripped up on the play once Geno threw the ball and it was intercepted, tough thing to see but we all knew it wasn’t on Geno and he finally got some respect he deserved.

Well good news and bad news, Bad news is that Russ is out for a month, maybe more with a finger injury. The good news is Geno Smith is in for a month and gets to show the NFL he belongs and he should be starting. I’ve been a Geno fan since his WV days, I hate the Jets but when Geno was playing for them I actually rooted for the Jets in games. I ride for Geno when he gets hate I make sure I talk my shit and let people know to not sleep on Geno. Sure he didn’t have the best time in New York but no fucking QB does I mean look at Sam Darnold. He was absolute shit in NY and now in Carolina he looks like a whole new QB. New York is a hell for quarterbacks and the league never gave Geno his chance when he left NY but now it’s his time. I’m going to root for Geno like he’s on my team everyone needs to be on high alert because my boy is about to tear up this league.


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