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I Cried At Least Three Times Today All Because Of…….. I bet I can make you cry

Written by TrevStone

Alright. I have to admit it. I cried. More than once. Well maybe it wasn’t crying. Maybe it was a couple of tears dripping down my cheek and a lump in my throat. I hope I’m not the only one. But watching Dwayne Wade and Dirk Nowitzki’s careers come to an end it’s hit me. And… I’m not a Miami Heat fan or a Dallas Mavericks. But these two have changed the game, ALL for the better.

But….. while watching Dirk Nowitzki show up to a thousand Maverick employees cheering him on as he entered the arena... Got my eyes teared up….

And I’m assuming it will yours as well. But more than that? Dirk’s speech after dropping 30 points in his final game.

Dirk isn’t the only person who dropped 30 tonight whose career is about to end……

Dwayne Wade did. And we all watched the commercial today. This is a sad retirement video about a couple of very key moments throughout Wade’s career when he has helped others out…

I prepare you to cry.

Grab a couple of tissues, because you’ll need them.

Thank you Dirk. Thank you Dwayne.

On top of all of these tears more dropped today as it has been nearly 24 hours since I’ve smoked weed and it sucks. My dealer didn’t answer today. I believe he was out. The dispensary is a 30 mile drive there and 30 mile drive back… I could have went.. And I should have. But since when does my dealer not have weed? On top of that? I asked about ten other people who sell weed and… nothing. All dry. Well besides me. Because I have tears dropping everywhere.


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