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I Could Watch Kendra Lust’s TikTok Page For Hours! @kendralust

Written by Chris Powers

I could spend hours watching Kendra Lust’s videos on her TikTok channel. She already has a lot of content up there, and she regularly adds to it. However, I think the very best content she adds is the workout videos that she posts. On her TikTok chann, she has various types of workouts she posts. But there is one type of workout that is absolutely the best.

I mean, how could you not possibly love that? I could watch that particular 15 second clip and not know that the entire morning slipped away.

The good thing is that there is plenty more wheee that came from. Kendra is great about posting mew and exclusive content to her TikTok channel, just as she does on all of her other social media outlets including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and of course her OnlyFans page.

Speaking more to her TikTok channel, the best works outs that she does are “leg days.” And when you’re working out your legs, you can’t not do squats. Here are a few samples from her TikTok channel of the workouts she does that like what was posted above.

So if you haven’t followed her yet on TikTok, be sure to head over to her channel today and do so!

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