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I Can’t Stand Professional Athletes That Kiss Each Other’s Asses During Games

Written by tRy25

This drives me up a God damn wall. There’s very little I hate more than polite athletes during game time. If I had to rank my least favorite thing it would probably go Coronavirus, kiss ass athletes, and Boston bars closing before 2AM, not necessarily in that order.

Not to be the old man yelling at a cloud, but what happened to athletes hating each other? And not guys who hate each other because they didn’t get picked in the All-Star Draft or because they dated the same Kardashian 3 months apart. I’m talking about hating each other because one guy from Denver wears orange and another guy from KC wears red and those colors clash. Because pinstripes and red socks don’t gel. They just don’t make many of those guys anymore.

If I’m in charge of the scouting department this is one of the things at the top of my list. Remember in Moneyball when that scout gave a player a bad draft grade because he had an ugly girlfriend and that lead him to believe he has confidence issues? Give me that scout and I’ll have him listen to all the mic’d up moments for all the guys on our draft board. Anyone who congratulates a DE on a sack, says “miss you” before the snap instead of calling out the Mike linebacker, or apologizes for falling on guys in a contact sport can go play for the Raiders and Bengals. I’m all set with those guys.

Remember when Andrew Luck used to pull this same stunt? It’s no wonder he’s already out of the league. I want Philip Rivers barking and hootin and hollerin all the way down the field right in the ears of the defense all day, every day, off camera (or in this case, on camera) every way.

I guess I’ll have to live with the interceptions and underwhelming seasons, but at least I’ll have a guy who’s ride or die for his team and his team only under center.

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