I Am Very Annoyed Of Baby Gronk – First Off His Name Is Young Madden San MiguelI And That Alone Makes Me Hate Him

Written by TrevStone

I am so damn annoyed of hearing about Baby Gronk.

Everyday I feel like I see him showing up on social media and it’s damn annoying. People are sitting here talking about him like crazy and he was born in like 2013 – he is more than likely going to let all of this fame get to him! I hate to say that, but he will. He’s touring all of these colleges but in reality – Baby Gronk – needs to live his life.

Maybe this is what he actually loves. I mean his name has Madden in it. Yeah, his name is Young Madden San Miguel. Talk about a stttttuuppppidd name! I hate to say it, but with a name like that, I already dislike you. Sorry kid that your parents named you that. You probably love it, but it’s easy to dislike just based on that. Although majority of you probably didn’t even know that was his name. Everyone knows him as Baby Gronk.

I’m on the side of football coach Jason Brown.

For the hype around him – he surely needs to improve… I get he’s like 10. But still.

Maybe I am jealous that he has met Livvy Dunne and got to hug her…

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