This is an event I’m talking about – not some stupid let’s storm Area 51 to get shot by the Government event. Instead hundreds of Yoopers are planning to storm The Paulding Light according to a Facebook event.

The event will take place the same time as the “Area 51 event” – September 20th and 9PM.

If you’re a Yooper you’ve probably heard of The Paulding Light – and you have more than likely been there: but if you haven’t been there or heard of it here you go –

This is one of the biggest mysteries in Michigan and tourists check it out everyday, what are these mystery lights?

Could it be headlights?

Maybe. I’m not sure.

I’ve been there three times and every-time I’ve left speechless.

Let’s find out together.

Let’s all storm The Paulding Light on September 20th.

Click here to redirect to the Facebook event.


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