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“Hump Day” Is The Perfect Day To Check Out Kendra Lust’s OnlyFans Account! @kendralust

Written by Chris Powers

Ahh, the phrase “Hump Day.” A phrase many of us have used for years, but a phrase that our favorite starlet Kendra Lust has brought back into mainstream media.

Kendra is known for posting pictures of her ass on her Twitter account to promote “Hump Day.” In other words, if you are not visiting her Twitter account every single Wednesday of the year, you are missing out on some really good stuff. And what better day to check out her OnlyFans account for the first time than on “Hump Day.”

You think you have seen great pictures or videos of Kendra before? If you have not seen her OnlyFans content before, you are definitely missing out. The content you see on her OnlyFans is what truly defines “Hump Day.” The best part about it is, Kendra is not the type of person who recycles pre-existing content like many other adult film starts who have OnlyFans pages. Kendra only posts brand new content to her page, made exclusive only to her OnlyFans subscribers.

Here are a few samples below to give you an idea of what you may see on her OnlyFans account. Of course, I can only post the tame stuff here. The best stuff you can possibly see is after you subscribe to her account!

So again, if you have not been to her OnlyFans page, today is definitely the day to do so. You can visit her page at the link listed directly below here!

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