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Hulk Hogan Evangelist? The Hulkster Says God Sent Coronapocalypse?

Is the Hulkster trying to create his own form of Warrior Wisdom?

With the coronapocalypse still going strong, everyone has their thoughts on the situation whether it’s the cause, the cure, or how to organize beer pong leagues. Now, WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan is sharing his thoughts and all I can say is WOW! The last time the Hulkster was this brutally frank was when he didn’t know the cameras were running. Let’s hear what Hogan had to say about the coronavirus via his Instagram account.

Ironically, Hogan’s diatribe about people wanting to worship athletes and musicians, etc. etc. is from a meme that has been going around since the beginning of the coronapocalypse. Considering Hogan’s epic promos from the 80s and 90s, I expected more.

Longtime fans will recall that the star of the cinematic masterpiece No Holds Barred often encouraged them to follow the three demandments: the prayers, the training, and the vitamins.

Given the fact the Hulkster stole his look from WWWF Champion Superstar Billy Graham, perhaps Hogan has decided to emulate the late evangelist Billy Graham (who knows, the Hulkster may have confused both men). Whatever the case, Hogan seems committed to his belief that a Higher Power (not to be confused with Vince McMahon) has sent COVID-19 to set humanity straight.

Could this be a new career for Hogan? The idea of Hulk Hogan as a TV evangelist may seem unlikely, but just consider Hogan’s past promotional activities:

I can speak from personal experience that Christianity can be a fulfilling experience and that it helped me tremendously when I emerged from Con College (see my book Laughing All the Way to the (Bank) Robbery: How an Attorney Survived Prison). I’ve seen people embrace the teachings of Jesus Christ and transform their lives whether it’s substance abuse or other addictions. At the same time, I just don’t buy the idea that COVID-19 is some sign of God’s divine wrath. I think it’s a cop-out and ignores the reality that pandemics have troubled humanity throughout its history, regardless of church attendance or religious beliefs. When I see comments like this from someone expressing their religious beliefs, all I can think of is Christopher Hitchens’s book God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. As I mentioned, I’ve seen some wonderful things result from Christianity, but I’ve also seen a few zealots ruin things for people. The world doesn’t need another zealot right now, especially Hulk Hogan.

Will the Hulkster start setting up these signs?
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