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Howie Roseman To Draft Wide Receiver For Eagles In First Round; Philadelphia’s Full Draft Order

The Philadelphia Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman had a press conference last week whereby he discussed the Eagles various needs as well as their strategy towards this years NFL Draft on Thursday.

When looking at the Eagles needs, defensively they are in need of both a solid linebacker and a cornerback. This draft is heavy with linebackers, so with the number 12 overall picks, the Eagles should be sitting in a good position to draft a future star linebacker. Aside from that, the Eagles could certainly add to their receiving core. This draft runs deep with wide receiver talent so identifying a solid pick should not be that hard. It’s hard to say, but either a wide receiver or linebacker make the most sense for the Eagles as they lack established first string talent in these positions.

Copied below is the Eagles full draft order.

Philadelphia Eagles 2021 NFL Draft Picks:

  • Round 1, pick 12 
  • Round 2, pick 37 
  • Round 3, pick 70
  • Round 3, pick 84 
  • Round 4, pick 123 
  • Round 5, pick 150 
  • Round 6, pick 189
  • Round 6, pick 224
  • Round 6, pick 225 
  • Round 7, pick 234
  • Round 7, pick 240 

Speaking of Philadelphia, have they determined who their starting quarterback will be? Check out the article below to learn more.

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