How would a 58-year-old Michael Jordan do against today’s NBA?

Written by Doug Rush

How would a 58-year-old Michael Jordan do against today’s NBA?

The Michael Jordan versus LeBron James debate will likely never end.

But let’s take this even further, especially since this is basically a fantasy-type thing.

How would Michael Jordan, at 58-years-old, do against the NBA of today?

Now, this isn’t putting a prime MJ of 1996 against the NBA, because MJ was perhaps the greatest player to ever grace a basketball court and would dominate.

Considering his abilities to make shots, drive to the basket, finish and with the rules and fouling a lot stricter, Jordan may have averaged 40 a night.

But what about a 58-year-old Jordan, who hasn’t played since 2003. How would he do against the likes of Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, James Harden, Steph Curry and others?

Back when Jordan returned to the NBA after three years away, he was still an All Star averaging over 20mpoints per game for the Washington Wizards. He wasn’t the same like when he won three straight championships from 1996-1998, but Jordan still was an effective player.

There are several stories of MJ beating players at practice when he took over as the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats and now, the Charlotte Hornets. Like when MJ at 51 years old dominated Stephen Jackson.

While Jordan has been retired for over 18 years, his killer instincts haven’t gone away. It was well documented during The Last Dance documentary last summer.

Even with MJ having his finger looking a bit off; supposedly due to a cigar cutter accident, MJ’s ability to win is clear.

It’s clear that Jordan keeps himself in excellent shape and at almost t0, Jordan looks tremendous.

Could he go up and down the court though? Could he take the bumps of today’s game? Vince Carter was able to do it, but he was 43 when he last played.

Jordan could probably go anywhere from 10-20 minutes at most. It might not seem like a lot, but think of the damage Jordan could do in that time, especially if his shot is on that night.

Again, this is all in a fantasy world, as Michel Jordan doesn’t need to ever play another game of basketball again to show how great he is. After all, he’s Michel Jordan.

But how much fun would be to see it, especially in today’s NBA?

And how much fun would it be to see MJ against LeBron on the court?

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