How Useful Are Exam Dumps in Passing Oracle 1Z0-071 Certification Test?

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Career Growth through Oracle Credential

The profession of an IT specialist is very common because for a long period of time there was a high demand for specialists in this field. Since this area is constantly developing, new technologies emerge, there’s always be a place for you as a qualified professional to implement your skills. The best way for it is to become certified, as certificate from a reputable company testifies that you possess the most updated skills. 

Gaining a certification that proves your competence to work with the next-generation database is what you need to be totally cutting-edge. This great company offers credentials in cloud and software/hardware categories. In addition, they are of different levels, from junior associate, associate, professional, to master, expert and specialist, so any candidate can find one to pursue. 

In this article, we’ll cover on certification which as popular among candidates, and you’ll know how to gain it – it’s the Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate badge. The certification in SQL database administration shows that you know the fundamental concepts necessary to make related projects work. Having this credential on your profile list, you can find a job in any corporation looking for a professional in data modeling and SQL language. So, let’s start.

Advantages of Earning Oracle Database SQL Credential

There are many database projects that companies develop nowadays. Earning the Oracle Database SQL accreditation demonstrates that you have basic knowledge of SQL concepts and can use it when working with the Oracle Database server. The Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate certification indicates that you can handle command-line interfaces and have enough experience of working with computing concepts. This accreditation allows you to expand the opportunities, improve your knowledge and skills to get access to the wide range of options to use them at work. Also, having the Oracle Database SQL credential increases the income and contributes to creating a prosperous career in the IT world.

How to Gain Oracle Database SQL Certification?

To get the credential every exam taker has to take 1Z0-071 dumps test. For getting the following certifications, it’s only the first step: 

-Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate 

-Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate

-Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate

While if you aim to obtain the Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate badge, taking 1Z0-071 test is the only exam to complete.

Let’s go deep into exam details. Every candidate will have to answer to 78 multiple choice questions for 120 minutes. The minimum percentage accepted to pass this test is 63%. The test is available for $245.

The candidates who attempt to take the Oracle 1Z0-071 exam should have strong knowledge of the following topics:

  • Be able to explain the concepts related to the database and the relationship between it and SQL
  • Knowledge of various database commands necessary to restrict and sort data
  • Know how to use conversion functions and understand conditional expressions
  • Realize how to display data from multiple tables and use SET operators
  • Have experience on using indexes, synonyms, and sequences, as well as managing views
  • Know how to use data dictionary views and SQL SELECT statement
  • Demonstrate knowledge on reporting aggregated data by using group functions
  • Solve queries with the use of subqueries and manage tables with the help of DML statements
  • Manage tables with the use of DDL and control their relationships
  • Control user access and grant different privileges
  • Be able to manage data in different time zones

To pass the test easily and get the badge, every test taker has to work hard during the preparing. Let’s see how can you facilitate this period and train before the exam.

Training Options for Oracle Database SQL Certificate

The Oracle official website contains various training options for candidates who want to increase their chances to pass 1Z0-071 exam. It is optional and provides different learning materials and training methods.

The Oracle training on SQL database introduction contains basic knowledge on the programming language. Once you have completed this information, you will have essential skills that allow you to create database projects as well as manipulate data in tables. There are various ways on how you attend the introductory learning on SQL language:

  • You can ask for training on-demand and pay a fee of around $3,400,00 for each event that you will choose to attend. You will receive access to an online platform for 90 days.
  • If you are closer to an Oracle facility, you can attend the training in person. The session will last for five days. You will have to pay a fee of $4,070 to participate in it. The most significant advantage that you get if you choose this option is that you can ask the trainer directly whatever question you might have and get an instant message.
  • The live virtual class is another option preferred by those students who cannot attend classroom training. To attend it from any part of the globe where there’s an internet connection. This training lasts for 5 days and will cost you $3,860 to participate.

If you plan to take other Oracle exams to consolidate your career, then the Oracle Database Administration Learning Subscription is precisely what you need. You will receive access to the Oracle Database training curriculum course that will help you grow your skills and enhance your knowledge of database administration concepts.

In case you are interested in learning SQL language, application express, plus other database tools necessary for each developer to create and build successful applications, then the Oracle Database Developer Learning Subscription is the right training for you. It gives you access to information on SQL, PL/SQL, and Application Express key topics.

Finally, the Oracle Unlimited Product Learning Subscription can become your A to Z guidebook on the database certifications mentioned above. Whether you want to enhance your knowledge of database language, or you want to go further and learn more about Java, MySQL, or Oracle Applications and Infrastructure, this subscription will offer you the necessary tools to pass the related exams.

You shouldn’t also forget about exam dumps and their benefits. PrepAway is by your side with verified questions and answers for the Oracle 1Z0-071 exam. All you have to do is pay a fee of $39.98, and you will receive access to a premium bundle of 208 pages study guide, a training course with 168 lectures, and 303 questions and answers. Therefore, your success in gaining the Oracle Database SQL certification is secured. If you have no such money, you can simply take advantage of using the free and updated dumps for 1Z0-071 test.


Becoming a certified associate on Oracle Database SQL demonstrates that you have the necessary knowledge to undertake any database project successfully. If you are the one to get the Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate credential, you have to pass 1Z0-071 test. The training for this exam will offer you in-depth knowledge of SQL and how it is used in the Oracle Database server management. Following the training options provided by Oracle on its official website represents the most secure path to take if you want to pass the exam from the first attempt. So, prepare for the test and don’t forget to use PrepAway’s exam dumps to revise the learned material and gain more practical experience.

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