How to Watch Football Highlights On YouTube from Restricted Countries?

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Football fever started to rise again as many significant events will give ultimate pleasure to the football fans. Last year, a pandemic affected this sport as most of the league’s matches were canceled, but this year, most governments uplifted the ban that opened the football pathway. 

This year, FIFA World Cup will occur in Qatar at the end of the year, but before that, English Premier League, English Carabao Cup, Scottish Premier, and many more matches will occur. So, if you are a busy person, can’t watch the live match, then here you will find excellent solutions to enjoy every bit of football match highlights. Or if you fail to watch the highlights on YouTube due to country restrictions, you can use a VPN to bypass restrictions and place your bets on Sbobet.

YouTube is a leading entertaining platform that enables users to watch match highlights, movies, and videos. But you may feel amazed after knowing that YouTube is not accessed in all countries. For instance, China and Middle East Countries have banned this platform. Now, you can say YouTube has a geo-restriction, but there are some ways through which you can bypass the restrictions and can watch the highlights of ultimate football matches. 

3 Smart Ways to Watch Football Highlights On YouTube from Restricted Countries 

In general, YouTube tracks the user’s IP address, and if you alter your IP address, you can easily bypass the regional restriction of YouTube. It’s the utmost way, and you can adhere to the same using a few utilities such as VPN, Smart DNS, and Proxy. Now, let’s see them one by one, and at last, you will find some surprising websites through which you can watch your favorite match highlights. 

1) VPN

VPN is termed as a Virtual Private Network that encrypts the internet traffic and spoofs your IP address. Using this tool, you can alter your IP address by choosing the best server, and after that, you can watch YouTube even in restricted countries. 

VPN is available free of cost and paid for too; if you go with the former one, you will find limited servers, and also, the speed will be restricted. However, if you choose a paid VPN, you will get many servers and reliable internet speed. 

VPN not only restricts the geographical region but also bypasses the government restrictions and ISP restrictions. To access VPN, you need to download it and run the same file on your computer. However, if you want to access only on the browser, you can use the VPN extension available on the browser store.

2) Smart DNS

Smart DNS is a technology that directs your IP address to another country via different servers. However, Smart DNS is not an encrypted one, which means you can bypass some restrictions, not the Government imposed restrictions. It is another efficient utility that will bypass YouTube restrictions, and after that, you can watch football match highlights. 

3) Proxy

A proxy is an efficient tool that smartly changes your IP address via the web. A proxy is an intermediate platform where it grants your request, and after that, it redirects you to another server where YouTube is not restricted. 

To access Proxy features, you need to open any browser, navigate to proxy sites, and type the YouTube link that fetches the football match highlights.

Top 4 Best Sites to Watch Football Match Highlights

Using proxy sites or free VPN might reduce the internet speed, and as a result, buffing issues may arise. On the off chance, if you are facing such an issue, you can move to the top free websites to watch football match highlights.

1) Buaksib

Buaksib is a Thai-based website that gives comprehensive information about football, including match highlights, live scores, match fixtures, news, upcoming events, and many more. However, this website shows the content in the Thai language, so you need to convert it to English.

2) GoalsArena

This website is a hub where you can watch all the football match highlights, including premier leagues. GoalsArena also fetches the football match result at the right end of the page, and at the left end, you will get the list of matches. However, if you want to watch the highlights of previous matches, then move to the category section and select the respective league.

3) OKGoals

It is yet another fantastic website where you can watch football match highlights. Here, you will find the list of matches of most of the premier leagues. So, get in touch with this website and enjoy the highlights of the football match.


ESPN is the hub of sports where you will find ample information on football such as upcoming matches, team fixtures, live scores, match highlights, and many more. This website is light so that you can access it on desktop and Android/iOS devices. To watch the highlights of your favorite match, visit the website, navigate for the match and then click on the play button.

At the website’s left panel, you will find the featured section that shows the popular football leagues, click on it, and get the desired information. At the centre of the homepage, you will find the latest news of the sports, including football, and at the top of the menu bar, the live score will reflect that will connect you to the match. 

Bottom Line

Football is not just a game as it is spiritually bounded on the people as they love the game and treat their favorite players like a god. So, no football lover wants to miss the football match, and this year the FIFA world cup will take place, and if someone is busy with work, he/she can watch the match highlights. 

YouTube is an ideal platform to watch the match highlights, but if it is restricted in your country, apply the above-said techniques and enjoy the match. Additionally, the list of some best websites has also listed that act as a backup plan (if YouTube fails to respond). So, there is no chance that you can miss your favorite football match as you got one backup plan.

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