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How to Tell if a Woman Likes You

Written by Mike Rickard II

With the coronapocalypse still raging, dating has been difficult of late but rest assured as soon as things calm down (current estimate 2023), people will be dating harder than ever. For some that means cuffing season will be in effect regardless of the time of the year and likewise with fielding season. Since some of us have been out of the dating game for a while, Pro Sports Extra is offering some friendly tips for how to tell if a girl or woman likes you. Forget all the B.S. tips you see elsewhere such as a woman looks at you a lot, touches you, or laughs at your stupid jokes. What follows are the sure-fire ways to know.

Sure, there are those times when you have a good idea a woman might like you such as when you drive her home from a party and she says she wants to go down on you to thank you or that time when you wake up in a new woman’s bed with no idea of how you got there (although if she’s as surprised as you, you may be consulting an attorney). Most situations aren’t this black and white so let’s look at some more subtle scenarios where a woman might be into you (and with any luck, want you to be into (or even in) her).

Mutual hobbies are a great way to meet someone, but how do you know they’re romantically interested in you and not just enjoying a mutual passion like wood-working or bank robbery?

They don’t ask that you pay them a monthly subscription fee: There are some amazingly sexy girls online who provide pictures, e-chats, and other communication online. Then there are the girls who ask you to pay a subscription fee. No matter what these girls may say, chances are. they don’t like you (shocking as that may be).

They ‘re always wearing a sexy outfit around you. This could be a neighbor who just happens to be wearing skin-tight jeans and a shirt that shows their ample cleavage whenever they know you’re going to be around. Note: if they dress like this all the time, they may have a side business as an e-girl (which is fine as long as you’re not a paying customer).

When your neighbor knocks on your apartment door and asks “Do you have any Double A batteries for my vibrator?” it could be your lucky day.

They ask you why you’re single: this is usually a good sign except when they themselves are married. In that case, avoid them like the coronavirus, particularly if their spouse is in law enforcement, the military, or a motorcycle club.

Your neighbor may have been checking you out for some time.

They ask why you’re wasting your time with your current girlfriend or wife: This one is trick as women can be sneak AF when it comes to testing their man. This one can go sideways very quickly. If the girl pestering you is your girlfriend or wife’s best friend, be extra-cautious, but don’t rule out the possibility of a hook-up followed by a break-up and/or castration by your -ex.

Love at the laundromat? It can happen so be prepared. Watch out for grannie panties though unless that’s your thing.

They try to get you drunk or they hint they’d like to know what you’re like when you’re drunk. Like some men, there are women who enjoy getting guys loaded so they can have their way with them. For many guys, no alcohol is needed as we’re ready to go (that’s just the way we’re designed). This could be a good sign unless the woman in question is a serial killer. Never a good idea when you first meet someone but you wouldn’t be the first guy to be overcome by hormones so if you go on to the afterlife, remember who warned you.

A friendly game of guess who? can turn deadly if you guess wrong or you’re doing 100mph down the street.

As more regions open up, Pro Sports Extra wishes all our readers the very best in their romantic endeavors. Look for more dating tips as PSE strives to be your one-stop site for everything from sports to sex. Wait, let me rephrase that. Your one-stop site for everything from sports to watersports. I’ll quit while I’m ahead.

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