How To Sound Smart On NFL Sundays

Written by BadBoiCiCi

You’re watching the game at the bar, and you’re overwhelmed by everyone’s knowledge of the game of football. It’s fine, you’re a busy guy. You don’t have the time to sit around and listen to sports podcasts and look at advanced stats. That’s why you pulled up to the bar in a brand new family friendly Honda Accord, and they still have the Iphone X. Bad Boi has you covered with things to say to make you sound like you know what you’re talking about.

Great, an unknown linebacker just made a play on 3rd and 2, he stuffed the run play in the backfield. Everyone’s cheering! Now what do you say? You say as follows, “you know for the deal he’s on, he’s been making plays and has the chance to be something if he works hard”. Good job, you said a lot while saying nothing at the same time. Who cares how his career pans out. You always have the “he didn’t have the drive” excuse in your back pocket. 

Oh no! Your quarterback just threw a game changing interception. You have his back though, you’re a rider. Everyone’s upset and frustrated. You say as follows, “you know that’s not so much on the quarterback as it is the receiver. He put trust in his guy to come across the face of the corner”. Wow! You really know what you’re talking about at this point. Whether it was your star receiver or your fourth round pick this year, say it anyways. It’s a bar, people might be drunk at this point. Be remembered. 

So your team just can’t seem to run the ball. The bar is calling your running back trash. You have his back. Blame the play caller. You say as follows, “ how much more proof do we need to see that we can’t run against these guys. I admire the play caller for wanting to establish the run, but it’s not working”. Jeez, now you’re a guy who knows the game is won in the trenches.

Now I know these aren’t one liners, they’re a mouth full, but do you want to be an everyday Joe at your local bar? No. You want to be known as a guy who knows ball. Earn respect. Sound smart. 

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