How to Pick a Kentucky Derby Favorite?

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Betting for the best horse in the Kentucky Derby race is essential to ensure that you will win and profit. However, participants who run in the race are all exceptional, making it challenging to choose the best. 

If you want to identify which horse is likely to win, here are the tips you can follow and bet on who you think will take home the trophy based on your observation. 

You Have to Read the Program

The program alone can already provide you with great insight on who to pick when wagering on the Kentucky Derby race. It is packed with all the information you need to identify a race favorite.

As a punter aiming to win his bet, the first thing you should do is check each contender’s program outline for a specific race. You will see all the necessary information you need about the horse to help you decide. 

For rookie punters, looking at the program, you will feel intimidated. But, as time goes and you will become used to it, you can easily read and understand the Kentucky Derby race program. 

Hence, you should familiarize yourself with the race program if you plan to become a professional punter. This way, you will also easily pick the favorite in a particular race. 

Start practicing reading the race program if you are not familiar with it. It will help you when picking the right horse that will likely win and bring profit to you. 

Know the Participants Trainer

Using the race program, you can quickly know each participant’s trainer. If you have been in this industry, you already know by now that the horse’s trainer plays a significant role in its victory. Over the years, there have been names of horse trainers that rise above the rest. 

For instance, in the past Kentucky Derby races, trainers such as Bob Baffert have taken home multiple wins. So always keep in mind when picking a race favorite, the trainer who wins will continue winning.

The ones who lost, on the other hand, will continue losing. With this, you can quickly start to filter out the candidates and choose the right winning horse. 

Study the Horses

Like any other sport, the player’s physical appearance and condition of the horses in a race will help you determine if the participant will be victorious or not. It is why you should also take time to inspect the horses before the race. 

Doing this will give you a chance to size up the competition and help you determine which horse has the highest chance of winning. Then, after you filter out all the horses using their trainers, you can narrow down your options further by studying each horse. 

You can also conduct background research about the horses that will participate in the Kentucky Derby and figure out their past wins, pedigree, and past injuries. These three things will significantly affect how the horse will perform on the racetrack. 

Aside from the horse’s physical condition and history, it would be best if you also considered its temperament. Temperament is vital in knowing if the horse will win or not.

The horse’s temperament will influence the cooperation between the jockey and the horse throughout the race. The rider’s personality can easily influence an emotionally reactive horse. Thus, this next tip is also crucial. 

Don’t Ignore the Jockey

Winning the Kentucky Derby race or any other horse race is a team effort. Aside from knowing the trainer, studying the horse, you must as well consider the jockey. The jockey’s skills and ability can turn the table and win an underdog horse in a race. 

Jockeys are equipped with unparalleled knowledge, techniques, and expertise in handling a racehorse and making it a winner. Therefore, you must not forget about the jockey when assessing which contender you will choose as a favourite. 

Like the trainers, jockeys who already won the Kentucky Derby will likely win over and over again. This is because they are already used to the track and know how to control the horse, especially if they have been riding it multiple times.

The Post Position

The next thing you should look into when picking a favorite horse to bet is the post position. For over decades of horse racing, it has been observed that post position holds a significant role in a horse’s chance of winning.

For example, in sprint races, horses in the outside post are greatly favored most of the time. However, when it comes to a route race, horses in the inner position are likely to win. 

Check out the past Kentucky races, see whether the winners are in the inner post or outside, and decide by following your intuition.  

Do Not Forget to Enjoy

Equipped with the proper knowledge, you are now capable of choosing your Kentucky Derby race favorite. After you pick your favorite horse to win the race, make sure to calm down, relax, and enjoy the race. 

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