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Do you have any fetishes in your love life? Perhaps you’re drawn to certain parts of the body you relish the thought of being stimulated? Or how about being tied up and dominated? If it’s the latter, does the thought of being seduced by a handsome and buffy guy with rippling muscles get your heart racing? We’re going to take you on an imaginative journey into the fabulous world of kinky rugby relationships, with a real story about how a couple met, together with lots of background advice for getting your rugby dating endeavors off to a flying start! Let’s begin by introducing you to Andrea, a young single female who met her ideal rugby-playing partner after registering with an online dating service.

The key to seeking a compatible partner

Andrea is a young executive who was tempted to sign up for a digital matching resource after friends had raved about the experience.

“After hearing my girlfriends banging on about how they’d managed to hook themselves, virile partners, simply by tapping their details into a site, I decided to give it a go. I’ve always been attracted to energetic beefcakes who like to roll around in mud chasing after a ball! So I registered with this site that was hotly recommended, and it had some kind of a kinky chat. The application form was easy to complete, and what’s more, I know the details I provided when I registered could be ingathered and loaded onto the site’s database. Algorithms working behind the scenes compared my information, such as the type of guy I’d specified I was looking for, with data they were already storing. As soon as common ground was indicated, I was presented with a shortlist of suitable candidates. Soon after, I was regularly signing into my account, entering the chat rooms, and engaging with a bunch of rugged rugby players who seemed to be just as kinky as me! I’ve since embarked on a wonderfully fulfilling relationship with a prop forward. From the moment we were introduced in the online environment, I knew there were sparks of chemistry.”

Paving the way for exciting encounters

If you’d like to emulate Andrea’s success story, there are certain recommendations you should pay close attention to. First of all, always keep in mind that your page on the website needs to hook admirers from the get-go. Dating sites catering to people with a taste for rugby players are popular. If you’re a single female, what’s not to like about a web service offering lists of dishy brawlers who also have a strongly sensitive side? But while this indicates you are liable to be spoiled for choice when you go online to search for someone appropriate, it also means you will be entering a competitive marketplace, one where you’ll need to stand out from the crowd.

So don’t treat your profile like a CV, where you might feel compelled to cram in as much relevant information as possible to make a favorable impression. Instead, focus on the most interesting points. The other site users browsing through these pages will have a relatively short attention span, and if they’re not immediately gripped by your bio, they’ll swiftly move on to the next page.

Profile photos – your window to happiness

What will any rugby-playing single’s first impression be of you? The image you’ve chosen for your profile. So don’t be tempted to take the shortcut of checking out your social media, then taking a screenshot. Again, it’s all about standing out from your love rivals. Why not ask a friend to take a more formal portrait, preferably with a high-definition camera. Many smart devices also possess built-in lenses that can match sophisticated cameras, pixel for pixel. Also, make sure there are no distractions in the background that will divert someone’s attention from the photo’s main subject – you! Finally, just before the photographer presses the button, flash an enticing smile.

As we’ve illustrated, getting familiar with hunky rugby players is a common fantasy for many singles – of both genders! This attraction might even stretch to other sports involving musclebound guys who love nothing better than clattering into each other. Perhaps you’re even drawn to forums that are focused on the National Football League, where you can discuss the latest news about these brawny figures. If you’re hoping to forge a relationship online, just imagine how you could get your adrenaline rushing by conversing about touchdown heroes (in American football) or spectacular tries by virile forwards (in rugby). When it comes to initiating frisky conversations in the online environment, it’s always terrific to have common interests with the other singles on a dating site. A shared passion for contact sports such as rugby, football, hockey, or soccer will go a long way towards developing scintillating chemistry!

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