How To Fake An Interest In Sports

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If you are like me, sports may be pretty low on your list of priorities. In fact, you may not care at all about activities like baseball or football.

Unfortunately, that can make things a little bit challenging if your friends are passionate about sports. Sitting silently while everyone around you talks about their favorite teams or athletes can leave you feeling a little bit left out. It can also make you seem a bit antisocial.

Learning how to act like you are interested in sports can make you feel more like you fit in.

Putting On A Good Show During Sports Week

When sports week rolls around, your friends are probably completely consumed with all of the games and matches they are watching. If you don’t like sports, you can always head out to the library to read a book or do something else instead. Unfortunately, that means that you miss out on all of the fun that you could be having with your friends. Instead of isolating yourself, it is a lot more fun to spend time with people that you enjoy, creating new memories. In this case, that means finding a way to show at least a bit of interest in sports.

For instance, imagine that your friends are all going to a football match and you want to go along. Before the day of the match, spend a little bit of time familiarizing yourself with how football works. Once you grasp the basic concept of the game, it will be a lot easier to follow along. During the match itself, here are some tips to help you fit in:

Cheer When Everyone Else Does

If you aren’t sure exactly what is happening in the match, just follow along with what the rest of the spectators are doing. For instance, cheer whenever they cheer. You can also listen closely to the announcer for words or phrases that you can repeat to sound more like you know what is going on. If you accidentally cheer for the other team and your friends call you out on it, you can tell them that you are just being a good sport.

Spend Time At The Concession Stand

Grabbing some snacks and something to drink is a great way to kill time while you are at the game without having to be overly focused on what is happening in the match.

Make Some Money

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Wear Clothes With The Team’s Logo

If you want to look the part, all that you have to do is put on some clothing featuring the logo of the team that you want to support. If you aren’t sure what clothing to buy, it is almost always a safe bet to go with clothes featuring the names of well-known stars like Lebron James, Ronaldo, or Afridi. People will automatically think that you care about sports when you wear this type of clothing.

Comment On Major Sporting Events

You don’t have to keep up with every game or match. Instead, just keep an eye on which topics are currently the most popular. Do a little bit of research and then make an informed comment about a trending sports-related topic. Other people will jump in and share their opinions, as well.

Be Yourself

Of course, the best option is always to be yourself. Even if you don’t like sports, there are probably other interests that you share with your friends. If you aren’t comfortable faking an interest in sports, you can always find other ways to spend time laughing and making memories with your friends.

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