How The MLB Can Make Baseball More Fun

People don’t like change, but baseball is great and needs to be given a spotlight. I think these few tweaks could really get some more eyeballs on the MLB. The seamheads might get upset but I just want what’s best for America’s pastime. 

  1. Let’s just juice the balls. Also, we could let the players juice. Makes no difference to me as long as they understand they can’t be in the hall of fame later. 
  2. If you get walked by a pitcher, the pitcher should get a chance to race you to first base. Imagine the excitement this will bring to the game. A guy who can deal and wheel on the mound. 
  3. Make everyone run worth six points. If a team scores a run, then they also get a chance to home run derby style, send a ball out of the park for an extra point. More fans leave with game balls, more fans are happy and more fans come to games. More points on the board is more exciting. America loves multiples of seven. 
  4. Every team has an ace pitcher, but obviously they can’t pitch every day. So what if baseball was played once a week, and they get to put their ace out there every week. We get to see every team at their very best. Also maybe they play on Sundays around noon and we keep the Sunday night baseball to top the day off. 
  5. Bring back home plate collisions. I love seeing guys break up catches at the plate. Something about adding a little defense to the offense. They should keep track of successful break ups. We’ll call them pass break ups. 

Obviously, these are just some ideas off of the top of my head. I’ve just been missing sports and want baseball to be more enjoyable. I long for a sport of this intensity. 

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