How The Browns Set Up Baker Mayfield For Failure

Written by LukeS

Look, I know there’s a lot of what I like to call “Baker Blogs” over the past few months, but I want to organize the entire situation here in one blog. First off, it seems absolutely no one wants the former promising young quarterback. I mean back in march is when all the other NFL teams who needed some sort of experienced quarterbacks traded or signed some mediocre quarterback. In Carson Wentz going to Washington, Matt Ryan going to Indianapolis, Marcus Mariota going to Atlanta, and of course the Russel Wilson trade to Denver. With all these teams going for veteran quarterbacks, how come Baker Mayfield, in may, still hasn’t landed with the team.

Well the Browns fumbled the ball as much as a team could possibly could with a player. After he got injured, a pretty nasty one with that being his shoulder, he should not have played at all. As he was hurt, he played terrible, big shocker. He had no accuracy one bit at all, and every throw was like a prayer that it lands in Donovan Peoples-Jones’ hands, who, while talented, is not experienced enough to be a WR1. There is no reason in the world, while the Browns were out of playoff contention, to play Baker in that week 17 game in Pittsburgh. Out of his first 11 passes, only 1 was complete for 10 yards. I mean at one point in the season, he was in a sling on the sideline for ONE game. That being the win over Denver. The beginning of the end was right there during the season.

We all know how Cleveland Sports media is, some of it is great and amazing. Others are clickbait pigs who slander people for clicks. And this came to show, once again, during the early parts of the offseason. When rumors started flying and Browns General Manager Andrew Berry stated that Mayfield will be the starting QB. To then have the team openly scout Deshaun Watson, Baker Mayfield Requesting the trade, Watson saying no to the Browns, The Browns saying no to Mayfield, Watson changing his mind, and the Browns sell the farm for Watson, and throws Baker in NFL limbo. Also, don’t forget that the Browns asked teams for a first round pick for Mayfield, according to reports.

So, what teams will take on his $19 million contract? Well, no one. And guess what? The The Browns doesn’t want to retain any money, to get some value, let alone be able to trade him. Greed in it’s finest. Most browns fans you see on twitter, blabbing their mouths, thinking they know everything, say that Mayfield sucks, and I guess they have a point, and their name for people who may disagree is “Baker Bros”. But the truth is, how can you play good when your shoulder is broken? Thanks for reading, but I just wanted to add a perspective I haven’t seen yet.

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