How many coaches are already on the “HOT SEAT”

Written by Angel

The 2020 NFL season is not even through its first quarter of play but there appear to be some teams that are already having second thoughts on who should be in charge of their team.

Coaching through a pandemic has had its challenges but there are a few head men who were on shaky ground even before the season started. Vegas even has odds on who will be the first coach fired. My list is based on both performance and team chemistry so there might be a few surprises along the way.

Dan Quinn

The Atlanta Falcons have had back-to-back epic failures which on its own would be enough to fire the Atlanta coach but the truth is the Falcons have done everything in their power to keep Quinn and he simply hasn’t gotten the job done.

If the Falcons do what is expected and fire the former defensive coordinator, Atlanta would be a very attractive job as it has talent littered throughout the roster. Quinn is my betting favorite to be the first coach fired this season.

Adam Gase

New York Jets head coach is not too far behind Quinn if were are making bets. The New York Jets just look like a disaster. Gase had a wonderful working relationship with Peyton Manning but has done very little outside of that relationship.

Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill looked like a bust under Gase but has resurrected his career with the Titans post Gase. I hope that the Jets realize this before he runs another high profile quarterback out of town.

From top to bottom the Jets need a new voice and direction. There have been so many talented players leave New York because they simply couldn’t get along with Gase. If the New York Jets do not make a move soon, I can easily see the Jets going 0-16 this year.

If Gase somehow convinces ownership for another season, would Gase draft Clemson Quarterback Trevor Lawrence and trade Sam Darnold? It almost seems unreal to do so but with the Jets, you never know.

Matt Patricia

Detroit Lions head coach looks like he is on his last legs as well. The Lions did have a nice win against Arizona but let’s hold the hype train and see how Arizona finishes out the year.

I think that Patricia will get to finish the season but his seat is awfully warm. The Matt Stafford injury probably bought him another year but Detroit fans might think that firing him at the end of this season is a year too long.

Patricia looked like a genius when he was under Bill Belichick in New England. The fact that New England’s defense has gotten better after the departure of Patricia looks like Belichick has fooled yet another NFL franchise.

Bill O’Brien

The Houston Texans should have fired O’Brien when he brought up the possibility of trading DeAndre Hopkins in the offseason. The Houston faithful somehow came together and lined up behind him thinking that a platoon of receivers could produce enough to get by. That was a bad decision.

Houston has started off 0-3 and their offense looks like a car battery that is dead but the owner keeps getting jump started from his neighbor to go places. O’Brien is a good coach but his General Manager duties have put him in a hole he might not be able to dig out of.

Doug Marrone

The Jacksonville Jaguars look like they are tank mode and the head coach could be on his way out without him fully realizing what is really going on. The team brass could be treating this year as a rebuilding year with Marrone getting the short end of the stick at the end of the year.

Marrone is also a decent coach but the whole Tom Coughlin fiasco forced the front office to gut a talented and young roster because the front office could not evolve as fast as the players did.

Now that Marrone is out from under his shadow and can run the team the way he sees fit, it is now devoid of talent. Marrone is a likely coach to get another shot at a head job in the near future if let go.

Mike Zimmer

The surprise of this group is Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer. An 0-3 start is bad but even worse when you factor in Zimmer is a defensive coach by trade but his defense does not look the same. Zimmer has had one of the most well-distributed talents throughout his roster and has failed to even get to a Super Bowl.

Trading away your star receiver and allowing some of your defensive talent to leave via free agency has left some wondering why Zimmer is still the head coach. If he could not take such a talented team to the promise land, why would anyone expect the team to improve if he has less talent on his roster?

Like I said before, this is a very young season and anything can change. I just think that these are a few coaches that could be looking for work if they don’t right their ships.

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