How Long Before Steve Nash Gets Fired?

Written by schultzyca

When Steve Nash got hired as the head coach for the Brooklyn Nets I am sure everyone raised their eyebrows. What are Nash’s credentials to coach a potential NBA finals team? Nothing this was a mush hiring and it is clearly showing.

Since the addition of James Harden to the Nets they have the best offensive rating averaging 122.6 ppg and they are allowing 119.9 points a game which would be the worst in NBA history. Sure the Nets are offensive juggernauts and they have three highly talented offensive players but will this work? Time will tell but it certainly is not good when you are scoring 122 ppg and are allowing 120 ppg this is not sustainable in any sense of the imagination.

Who is to blame for all this? I would blame the Nets front office for entrusting a rookie head coach in Steve Nash to lead a finals contender. Literally he has no coaching experience this hire made no sense at the time. He should be fired and let Mike D’Antonio take over the team that would make the most sense. It will only be a matter of time before Twitter calls for his firing and it seems like we are there:

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