How Kobe’s Untimely Death Influenced Kevin Garnett to End Beef With Ray Allen

Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen’s relationship wasn’t a perfect match from heaven but both competitors had to set their egos when they chased their first title with the Boston Celtics back in 2008. Paul Pierce was the main weapon on that magical run and even a young yet unproven Rondo stepped up to dictate the offense for the big 3.

But after failing to replicate their magical run in the subsequent seasons, Ray Allen took his talents to Miami Heat which was Boston’s biggest rival in the Eastern Conference at the time. 

Allen’s departure left a bitter taste in the city of Boston, Rondo, Pierce, and especially Garnett. It didn’t help that Ray won one more ring with Miami, furthering the despise towards him by his former Celtics teammates.

But after years of a very public beef between Allen vs all of his teammates from Boston, everything began to mellow down after Garnett, Pierce, and Allen were named to the NBA’s Top 75 of All Time in October 2022.

Garnett, the undisputed emotional leader of the Celtics, recently offered his take on mending fences with Ray and how Kobe’s untimely death influenced him to not plant grudges against people anymore.

Good for Garnett for realizing that there are things bigger than basketball. 

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