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How Exactly Did Julius Peppers Land Claudia Sampedro; NFL Rookies React To Their Madden 22 Ratings!

I am sure a few of you have seen some of the articles we have done on Claudia Sampedro at Pro Sports Extra. Claudia may just be the hottest WAG in all of professional sports. I am sure other arguments can be made, but she is definitely in the running for the #1 spot!

One has to wonder though what Julius Peppers did to land such a fine specimen. That isn’t a knock to Julius at all. The man must spit some good game and clearly exhibits some sort of charisma that attracts Claudia to him.

Regardless of what it is, Julius Pepper is a very lucky man. Hopefully he realizes that. If you have never seen Claudia before, you need to check out some of the pictures and videos below.

I promise you will not regret it, and I guarantee you will be following her on all of her social media accounts after you finish reading this.

In other NFL news, if you are a fan of playing the Madden football video games, you are going to want to check this out. In the video below, the NFL Rookies of the 2021 season react to their ratings in the game. Check it out below!

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