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How Did Cody Bellinger Get $17M Out Of The #Dodgers?

This is probably the BIGGEST MYSTERY of the offseason so far…..

For the record; that title is meant to be “rhetorical,” because I sure as hell don’t know how he did it! I mean; it could be because he has a great agent, or because the Dodgers front office “fell asleep” during negotiations; but in all honesty, it’s an absolute MYSTERY to me why someone would pay him that much money after the year he had.

I mean, just take a look at his stats last year! The guy had a .165 BA, to go along with his 10 HRs and 36 RBIs in a TOTAL of 95 games played. To put that in “layman’s terms;” you could probably blindfold me, put me in front of a pitch machine, and I would still end up hitting .165 (if not better).

But not only that; the money doesn’t make sense to me either. The fact he’s actually getting a RAISE next year, is ASTOUNDING to say the least! Don’t believe me; well according to, Bellinger is going from a $16,100,000 salary in 2021, to the $17,000,000 that was reported at the beginning of this article. He’s LITERALLY getting a $900,000 RAISE, EVEN THOUGH he played like crap in 2021!

I’m just…….I’m just FLABBERGASTED, to say the least. I’m FLABBERGASTED that a performance like that can get you an extra $900k to line your pockets with. I’m FLABBERGASTED that someone who can play SO POORLY, can pull an even better deal than he had before. But hey…….I guess the fact that I DON’T UNDERSTAND this PROVES that I will never be a Major League GM?

So having said all of that, this story made me think…….what if I was a salesperson, and I started to perform poorly at my job? What if I was a salesperson, and I started to let my numbers sink? AND, for good measure; what if I just walked into my boss’s office and gave him the finger as well? SURELY he’d give me a raise, right? SURELY that would work out in my favor, right?

(For the record, don’t do that! You will get fired!)

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