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How Come White People Are Coming Out Of The Woods Saying That The Color Of Your Skin Doesn’t Matter In The Minneapolis Case And That Police Screw Up On Both Ends?

This is absolutely ubsurd. I can’t believe the amount of white people that are saying the event that happened wasn’t involving race.

It clearly is.

How come white people are coming out now saying that this happens on both ends? If so, just please tag me in any video that is from 2020 where this happened. Please. My Twitter account is @TrevStoneCEO.

How come African Americans aren’t saying that this isn’t about color?

Because it clearly is.

Police are meant to serve and protect. Not kill.

The black community should be outraged. This can’t keep happening. We keep seeing these headlines where blacks aren’t treated nearly the same. I thought this Country was moving in the right direction, I was wrong.

On top of all this. We all just witnessed that there was a white woman in Central Park blatantly lying and claiming a black man was threatening her. Imagine if that man stayed around until police showed up? Who know’s what way that would have turned.

This will all stop being about BLACK and WHITE when MORE and MORE white people use their privlege to stand up against the system.

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