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How Can You Not Love Frankie? Islanders Force Game 7 With A Game Winner In OT @FrankieBorrelli

Written by schultzyca

Fucking Frankie Borrelli you got to love him. The Islanders are going to kill him one way or another, he really is a content king when he is with his Dad at Islanders games. It is an awesome site to see a father and son match their favorite team and the stream is always electric.

The Islanders were down 2-0 in this game and it looked like the Lighting were going to close them out. But the Islanders have a never say die mentality and came back and won 3-2 in OT. This game was certainly a rollercoaster and the fact that Frankie is still alive is incredible.

The fact that people can watch these videos and not love Frankie is insane too me. I am really happy for Frankie and Mr. Borrelli, I think Jeff Lowe summed it up best:

I am not much of a hockey fan but you cannot deny it is one an electric sport to watch and these playoff crowds are nuts. Sending positive vibes to this Islanders team as they now move on to a Game 7 and look to advance to the Stanley Cup! WE ARE GOING TO BORRELLIS!!!

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