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How Can You NOT Be A Fan Of Teven Jenkins After This?

Teven Jenkins did right by his quarterback!

Do you remember when Teven Jenkins said THIS on his Pro Day?

Well, it looks like he LIVED UP TO HIS WORD! Teven Jenkins is, INDEED, a “tough, physical, nasty motherfucker.” Teven Jenkins is, INDEED, the guy that will bring the FIRE, and the INTENSITY, back to a Bears franchise that has been lacking both. Why do I say that, you may ask? Well……..let’s take a look!

Look at that! He’s in the middle of FOUR purple jerseys, having his quarterback’s back! He’s standing up to FOUR Vikings BY HIMSELF, and showing just how much of a “nasty motherfucker” he is. And where is the rest of his O-Line? Well, they’re off-camera……..watching as 5’10” David Montgomery tries to push his 6’6″, 320lb rookie tackle out of the skirmish. They’re off-camera………until #74 Germain Ifedi walks in, pushes Teven out of the way, and basically makes him look like a fool!

That’s RIDICULOUS, if you ask me! I mean COME ON, this is FOOTBALL; it’s the sport that should be FULL of “nasty motherfuckers!” It’s the sport where you fight for the guys around you, and show that you’re all on the same page! It’s NOT the sport where you pull your own guy out of a fight, and then go against HIM!

Now granted, I know that Jenkins has had his struggles since his first start in Week 14 against the Packers. But guess what……HE’S A KID! He’s a “rook,” and he has PLENTY OF TIME to grow in this league. But at the same time……I feel like Jenkins has a certain “fire” inside him that resonates well with Bears fans. He is going to be something special for YEARS TO COME here in the “Windy City,” and I HOPE the rest of the team follows suit. Because in all honesty…….we need more “GRIT” on this team. We need more PHYSICALITY in this organization. AND, above all else……

We need this team to turn into a bunch of “nasty motherfuckers!”

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